2nd Online Mini Model Arctic Council for Trent University

Today I ran a second online Model Arctic Council (MAC) for students at Trent University where I’m appointed as an adjunct professor, as well as from other universities around the world participating in the University of the Arctic Circumpolar Studies programme. This ‘mini-MAC’ follows a similar one last year, though slightly expanded and more deeply integrated into the introductory course on the Arctic that the students were taking. Again, I’m grateful to Heather Nicol for inviting me into this course.

Just as last year, the online format seemed to work well, and I’m becoming confident with the possibility of delivering larger, more extended online MACs for both secondary-school pupils and university students. Online MACs can be a great way to reach pupils and students who can’t travel to my in-person MACs, and they may be a necessity in this post-Covid environment. Together with a small team of Polar Aspect MAC veterans, I’m in the early stages of developing ‘OMAC’ and ‘OMAC University’ for launch online in the coming academic year—stay tuned!

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