Presentation at 2nd MUN Impact Global Summit

This past weekend, Polar Aspect had the privilege of giving a presentation to the second MUN Impact Global Youth Summit about the new Online Model Arctic Council (OMAC) programme that we’re about to launch.  I say ‘Polar Aspect’ and ‘we’, because the presentation was actually given by my new OMAC Secretariat team—Joshua Gray, Olivia Silk and Rosemary Tregenza—all of whom are veterans of various Polar Aspect MACs.  Josh, Olivia and Rosemary represent three universities and three countries amongst themselves, so they made an excellent panel of speakers to address a multinational MUN Impact audience of ambitious and globally-minded secondary-school pupils.

OMAC will be Polar Aspect’s first fully online Model Arctic Council programme.  It involves not only a MAC conference like in-person Polar Aspect MACs do, but also an innovative online training course for prospective MAC delegates.  The first OMAC Delegate Training round commences on Saturday 7th November, and I’m pleased to say that there are already over two dozen pupils from 18 different secondary schools in 14 different countries registered to take part.  Registration remains open until Friday 6th November, so I hope for even more participants from around the world.

A copy of our presentation slides are available online. You can also watch a recording of the presentation on MUN Impact’s YouTube channel.

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