Presentation at 3rd UArctic Congress

Yesterday I took part in a panel session on ‘Innovation and Pedagogy in Circumpolar Studies’ at the Third UArctic Congress.  My presentation, entitled ‘Model Arctic Council for sustainable development‘, proposed that experiential learning through Model Arctic Council (MAC) — such as the Polar Aspect MACs that I design and run for schools and universities — can help to promote Arctic sustainable development.  The presentation was essentially a summary of the conclusions of my forthcoming paper of the same title, which is scheduled to be published this year as part of the volume The Role of Education in Sustainable Development in the Arctic, edited by Prof Diane Hirshberg of the University of Alaska Anchorage.

The panel session was sponsored by the Læra Institute for Circumpolar Education, a new institute within the international University of the Arctic (UArctic).  I have the privilege of serving as Managing Director of the Læra Institute, which I’m pleased to say played a very active part in this year’s UArctic Congress programme!

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