Presentation to M|A|S|E|R Cluster

This past Friday, I was very pleased to be able to introduce myself and Polar Aspect to the Materials | Art | Science | Environment | Research (M|A|S|E|R) Cluster at the Bath School of Art (BSoA).  Established in December 2020 by Prof Mariele Neudecker, who served as Honorary Chair of my fifth Norwich Model Arctic Council for schools, M|A|S|E|R brings together artists from within and without the BSoA to collaborate at the intersection of art and the natural world.  Mariele has also opened M|A|S|E|R up to non-artists such as myself, whose projects may be of interest to the group.

The artistic world is new to me, and it’s exciting to be involved.  For some time, Mariele and I have discussed the possibility of launching a Polar Aspect Model Arctic Council (MAC) at BSoA and Bath Spa University, but the Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately intervened.  I look forward to pursuing that idea further in the coming academic year—and to reconceptualising my MAC format to include multimedia art, as well as the spoken and written word.  Drafting a consensus political declaration requires creativity from MAC student delegates, and that creativity can be expressed in different ways!

Many thanks to Mariele for inviting me into her new research cluster.  My introduction for M|A|S|E|R involved a brief slide presentation, and you can download a copy from this website.

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