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Polar Aspect Statement on Ukraine

Polar Aspect strongly condemns Russia’s unjustified, unprovoked and immoral attack on Ukraine.  We deeply deplore the immense suffering that Russia’s war is now visiting upon the people of Ukraine, and we salute their courage and resilience in the face of it. Polar Aspect is dedicated to promoting understanding and dialogue in the Arctic and around …

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Lecture at University of Northern British Columbia

On Monday, I had the privilege of delivering a guest lecture to third- and fourth-year undergraduate students at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). The students were all taking part in the UNBC Geography Department’s course ‘Changing Arctic: Human and Environmental Systems’, convened by Prof Gail Fondahl. My lecture was entitled ‘”Greenshit go home” …

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A letter from Greenpeace

My recent Northern Public Affairs column, “Arctic saviour complex,” seems to have caught the attention of Greenpeace.  In my column, I criticized Greenpeace for failing to cooperate with arctic states and indigenous peoples in its campaign to “save the Arctic” from oil pollution and overfishing.  As I wrote in a later summary of my column: Greenpeace …

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