Student remarks on Trent-Yukon Model Arctic Council

Many thanks to Will Richmond, a fourth-year undergraduate student at Trent University’s School of the Environment, for his stellar feedback on the first Trent-Yukon Model Arctic Council (TRYKOMAC), in which he recently participated as a delegate.   In his blog post for Trent University news, Will wrote:

As a student interested in the Arctic for the past few years, participating in this Model Arctic Council was a great privilege. I had the chance to apply the scientific knowledge gained from my courses at Trent to the meeting, in a context I was unfamiliar with.

Participating in formal negotiations was a new experience for me, but also a rewarding challenge since I learned a great deal throughout the Model Arctic Council. Many students reflected this same notion, feeling they had gained skills in professional conduct and successful negotiations.

Looking back, I believe I am now a more well-rounded student, with the ability to participate in conferences and negotiate on a higher level. If my career path leads me to the Arctic in the future, TRYKOMAC will likely prove to be one of the most beneficial of my Trent experiences.

It seems that TRYKOMAC has achieved its educational mission, at least so far as Will is concerned!  All the best to you, Will, as you finish up at Trent and launch into your future career—which I certainly hope will lead you to the Arctic.

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