Presentation at 3rd MUN Impact Global Summit

On Friday, Polar Aspect had the privilege of addressing youth from around the world attending the ‘E3 Summit’, MUN Impact‘s third global youth summit.  Our presentation—delivered by Joshua Gray, an associate of Polar Aspect and member of our Online Model Arctic Council (OMAC) Secretariat—addressed the summit themes of ‘earth, economy, equity’ by focusing on Arctic Indigenous peoples and their cultural and economic rights.  Joshua told the story of the devastation of Inuit communities in eastern Canada as a result of bans on the global market for seal fur, and he invited listeners to learn more about the Arctic, its peoples and its challenges by taking part in our second OMAC Delegate Training and OMAC Conference events this November and December.

A copy of our presentation slides are available online.  You can also watch a recording of the presentation on MUN Impact’s YouTube channel.  And if you’re inspired by our presentation to participate in OMAC, then register now!

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