Polar Aspect treat privacy with importance. This statement describes the types of information we may collect from you, the purposes for which we use the information, the circumstances in which we may share the information, and the steps that we take to safeguard the information to protect your privacy.

Polar Aspect collect the information that you enter into the contact form as relevant for the purposes of informing you about future Polar Aspect services and educational opportunities. You may decline to offer any of the information requested on the form, but as a result we may be unable to inform you about future Polar Aspect services or educational opportunities.

If you are taking part in a Polar Aspect educational programme, we request information from you before and during the programme using either the Polar Aspect schools MAC questionnaire or the Polar Aspect university MAC questionnaire, for the purpose of analysing the educational value of our programmes. We also request feedback about your experience of the programme after you complete it. You may decline to offer any of this information or feedback.

By submitting any of our forms or questionnaires, you consent to Polar Aspect processing the information you enter. We will use this information as relevant to manage our programmes, to communicate with you about your selected programmes, to analyse the educational value of our programmes, and to inform you about future Polar Aspect services or educational opportunities. In doing so, Polar Aspect may share this information as relevant with third parties who provide registration, hosting, accommodation, catering or other services related to the Polar Aspect programmes in which you participate. We will not disclose this information to other third parties without your consent.

You are entitled to access any information that Polar Aspect hold about you, to direct Polar Aspect to modify or delete any information that you believe is incorrect or out of date, and to unsubscribe from information about future Polar Aspect services or educational opportunities, by sending a written request using the email icon at the bottom of this page. We may require you to supply a valid means of identification as a security precaution to assist us in preventing the unauthorised disclosure of information. We will process your request within the time provided by applicable law.

Should your relationship with Polar Aspect end, we will continue to treat your information, to the extent we retain it, as described in this privacy statement.