Many thanks to Tom Fries

Many thanks to Tom Fries of The Arctic Institute in Washington, DC, for his generous coverage of my column in Northern Public Affairs over the past couple of months.  I especially appreciate his recent kind words:

Anthony Speca’s writing this quarter for Northern Public Affairs has been an enormous pleasure to read, and a brief update to three of his recent pieces touches on some of the most interesting political and legal issues currently being served in the Arctic buffet: Canada’s seal hunt, whaling policy, and Greenpeace’s “Save the Arctic” campaign. Wry and eminently readable.

Every week, Tom puts together an extremely useful synopsis of recent Arctic-related news and analysis for The Arctic Institute.  Unlike many media aggregators, who mostly provide laundry lists of newsy links, Tom takes the extra—and extra-hard—step of digesting the week’s media and summarising it for his subscribers.  This is a news round-up at its best, and it deserves a wide readership.

You can sign up to receive Tom’s newsletter on the website of The Arctic Institute.

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