Remarks on Danish-Canadian relations in The Arctic Journal

Yesterday, following Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird’s visit to Denmark, I was cited in an article on Danish-Canadian relations in Greenland’s The Arctic Journal:

“The current border disagreements between Canada and Denmark are quite small scale and technical,” says Anthony Speca, of Polar Aspect, an Arctic affairs consultancy. “Certainly nothing that would harm otherwise good relations.”

. . .

Speca says that border issues, particularly working out territorial claims in the Arctic Ocean, remain on the table, but that both countries have committed to resolving any disagreements that may arise through established international law. On that subject, Baird’s visit would mostly have served to keep the friendly relations going.

. . .

Greenland and Nunavut, says Speca, could benefit from closer ties, particularly in areas like fisheries and sealing, cross-border environmental issues and regional air travel.

Read the full article by Kevin McGwin on the website of The Arctic Journal.

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